Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't forget your manners...

There is a great article in Forbes about women leaders in the South. Rebecca Darwin, from Garden & Gun is profiled in it.
It is a GREAT piece....(here)

Below is an excerpt and photo from Forbes I have to share:

Rebecca Wesson Darwin The Allee Group, Garden and Gun Magazine Charleston, South Carolina

"Despite the many changes the publishing industry continues to face, Darwin continues to triumph with the ever-changing landscape. Her success can be attributed to keeping up with the advancing technology while focusing on keeping the brand authentic, and staying true to its core mission. She adds that it is paramount for them to keep the trust of their followers as they continue to grow in scope.
Her advice: “Operate under the assumption that you are a big fish. You are in control of the arena you want to play in and there is no room for thinking small. Remember that we are known by the company that we keep, so stick with winner! And, don’t forget your manners along the way.”

I love the phrase..."don't forget your manners."
When I was 14 years old, I was in my very first "shoot off" or sudden death competition that determines the outcome of a tie in a shooting tournament.  It just so happened that my very first shoot off, was for a trophy at the National Championships.  I was to shoot off against one other person, and I am fiercely competitive.  As I type this now, almost twenty years later, I have a pit in my stomach as I think of that shoot off. That night, I made my way trembling up to the line, I said 'Good Luck' to my fellow competitor, much my senior....just as my parents had taught me to do.  She looked right at me, made eye contact, and turned her head.
I was completely rattled by this, on top of my already shot nerves, that it is a miracle I kept my lunch down.  I proceeded to beat her in the shoot off......and I didn't just win, I never missed a target. 
Don't forget your manners, and be a good sport. Competition should be as polite and classy as it is tough.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Field to Casual...

Some of my most favorite jackets and vests in my closet are ones that I can wear in the field and also casually.
Below is a picture from Garden and Gun from a few years ago.  This is my favorite vest from Eddie Bauer sport shop....favorite favorite favorite!
I love it because I have hunted and shot in it, and I also wear it day to day.  I feel like I get two for the price of one this way!

photo: Garden & Gun

This is how I wear this same vest casually to work in the fall... (vest here)
(Totally lusting for these boots here and the camo enamel bracelet here)

I also love it, because it doesn't scream hunting....perfect for travel to/from a destination (without weird airport stares), then also to put to use when there!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Check out my blog post on the Eddie Bauer Live Your Adventure blog! (also copied below)

Posted on July 17, 2014
Rebecca Etchen Peters on the ladies Garden and Gun weekend at Brays Island
A few months back, Rebecca Etchen Peters headed to Brays Island in South Carolina for a sporting clays weekend with a group from Garden & Gun magazine. Not only was Etchen Peters the force behind the development of our original Sport Shop line, she’s also no rookie when it comes to the shooting sports, with four generations of champion shooters in her family lineage. But spending a weekend with just the ladies in a hospitable Southern setting provided a different experience in what is a very male-dominated pastime. The full story of the trip ran in Garden & Gun, but this is her personal report.
—LYA Editor

Ladies Weekend
Words by Rebecca Etchen Peters, top image courtesy of Garden and Gun, Sophie Treppendahl; Other images courtesy of Rosemary Dinkins
I met Rebecca Darwin, the founder and CEO of Garden & Gun, years ago, before the magazine ever published its first issue. She had an idea for a magazine that was not like any typical magazine in the sporting industry. It would bridge all things Southern lifestyle: food, drink, dogs, field, music. Like it is with a lot of women in the male-dominated hunting industry, we kept in touch over the years, both of us with heads down in work and life. This past April, when I was invited by Rebecca and Garden & Gun to a ladies’ shooting event at Brays Island Plantation in South Carolina, I knew that I couldn’t miss it.
A group of around 20 ladies met on the beautiful grounds of Brays Island Plantation, outside Charleston, on a perfect Thursday morning. After breakfast and a safety orientation, we split into groups of four to head out into the sporting clays range. As expected, the course was beautiful, and we all had a lovely and safe time being outside in such a stunning place on a perfect day. The ladies were of all skill levels, and from all different walks of life and regions of the country. The day became all about cheering each other on, and bonding over our love for the sport.
Much like golf, each sporting clays course is different. There are similar targets and shots on all courses, but each course has its own landscape and backgrounds. There can even be large variations within the same course, as you move station to station. We had differing levels of ability, and some newer shooters in my squad, so we spent a lot of time also chatting. We talked about women’s specific product needs, and fit issues, and tricks for bettering your score. Since only one person shoots at a time on your squad, a lot of camaraderie is displayed. One of the newer shooters asked each of us, “What do you say to yourself to get ready before you call ‘pull’ when it is your turn to shoot?” My response was, of course, “Keep your head down, Rebecca”
“Keep your head down, Rebecca.” I have been hearing those words for many years…from my father, my grandfather, my brother, my mother, my husband, and most often, myself. Having spent a lot of time with shooters and hunters throughout my life and career, it is also a common answer when you just cannot understand why you are missing a clay target. It also has applied to anything that you set your eyes on, or your mind to, even off the range. Of course, it is the last thing I say to myself. And it is easy for shooters of all ages to understand because, like any sport, you need to keep your head down.
We had a lovely lunch and gathering afterward, and in true Garden & Gun fashion, the event was simply impeccable. All of the women were as lovely, warm, and hospitable as you could imagine. For a magazine that prides itself on Southern hospitality, charm, and all things welcoming, the crowd and venue could not have been more suitable.
As someone who has shot and hunted my entire life, I always love hanging out with old friends and meeting other women who enjoy the same activities. Events like this remind me that I have met most of my dearest friends through shooting or hunting. The women I continue to meet through shooting or hunting end up being friendships that last way longer than the day or weekend on which they began.  And we often remind each other to keep our heads down.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fall in the air

Fall was in the air this had me thinking of those early fall outfits that I love so much....

I have this dress in green (here), and I am totally stalking it in this khaki color (which is on SALE!).  I love it because it goes across seasons. I can wear it now with wedges and in the fall with boots. And. it is SO comfortable. Seriously, I could wear it every wee.

I don't need to tell anyone why I love this C.Wonder sweater (here)...
or this....seriously...this bracelet (here) would be a great addition to any bracelet stack! 

And these Frye the two toned brown(here). I know they are expensive, but 6pm often has a good selection (if you can find your size), and Fryes are worth every.single.penny. They are the only boots that I find that don't hurt my feet, and I am on my feet all day. 
and YES it is early to think boots, but you can usually get a sale if you buy early or late!

Also loving this Jcrew dress (here)...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Instagram Lately...

Fun new workbooks to review on a Monday....

Dinner company! Have you seen a cuter outfit than a baby Penn State jersey?! I haven't...

Changed up my bedding to my all time favorite stripe...I have a pillow problem....

Some home projects: vegetable and herb garden, and flag pallet. 

I love summer.....and views like this

Ice cream and a sleepover with this adorable little thing!

Celebrating my a new dress Adam picked out for me in Louisville

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I have keychains on the are a few of my favorites.....

I love smathers & branson...Camo plus needlepoint? YES PLEASE (here)! 

I got this one (here) for my hubs a while back...

and obviously, I have this shotgun shell one (here)....

This is another of my favorites....Adam got me one with my new married initials, the weekend I launched Eddie Bauer Sport Shop in Las Vegas. So classic Tiffany
And this acrylic one from Tuckernuck (here)...put a monogram on anything and I am interested...

Big day for me.....can you guess why? New key rings could mean what? :)

Friday, July 11, 2014


One of my favorite outfits for summer is white denim with a chambray top. I just love it. Simple but pulled together.  Usually I pair it with bright accessories/shoes and some kind of patterned scarf! This is what I wore yesterday....


I got this Jcrew top (here)years ago at jcrew, it's now on jcrew factory! I love it....a fun boatneck, and bracelet sleeves.

And these Jag jeans (here) are some of my most fav pairs of white jeans.  They aren't boyfriend, but not skin tight....kind of a modified boyfriend.

and of course, my ever favorite jcrew matchstick! (here)

I've also been wearing this initial cuff (here) non stop! Just so happens, the "R" is in pink :)

Similar to this look from a few weeks ago! 

(the c.wonder flamingo shoes are sold out :( BUT...they have the most amazing customer service ever. And you can email them and they find whatever you want in store! I think there are some giraffe and zebra ones still available :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On Wednesdays we wear pink...

Selling shotguns today in a lot of pink!

I am wearing and loving THIS Cwonder top. It is the perfect cut for an oxford shirt.  Tailored and easy to wear! (and on sale!) and an adorable print under the cuff and on the placket.

and these....oh I love. And so glad I got before they were sold out! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Whole lotta color....

July is here...and I have my summer brights out in full force. Selling shotguns today in neon flats and my FAVORITE t shirt dress from Eileen Fisher Garnet Hill. (seriously, I stop myself from wearing it every week. I have it in this blue, but am lusting for it in this black!).

And these Elizabeth and James sunnies...I love cateyes. Hubs drove over my last pair of cateyes (he swears it was an accident....the jury is still out).PS I got these EXACT glasses for <40 dollars from TJ MAXX!

Some arm candy, 

and my new white & navy stripe purse (Above). LOVE! Birthday gift from my parents.