Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't forget your manners...

There is a great article in Forbes about women leaders in the South. Rebecca Darwin, from Garden & Gun is profiled in it.
It is a GREAT piece....(here)

Below is an excerpt and photo from Forbes I have to share:

Rebecca Wesson Darwin The Allee Group, Garden and Gun Magazine Charleston, South Carolina

"Despite the many changes the publishing industry continues to face, Darwin continues to triumph with the ever-changing landscape. Her success can be attributed to keeping up with the advancing technology while focusing on keeping the brand authentic, and staying true to its core mission. She adds that it is paramount for them to keep the trust of their followers as they continue to grow in scope.
Her advice: “Operate under the assumption that you are a big fish. You are in control of the arena you want to play in and there is no room for thinking small. Remember that we are known by the company that we keep, so stick with winner! And, don’t forget your manners along the way.”

I love the phrase..."don't forget your manners."
When I was 14 years old, I was in my very first "shoot off" or sudden death competition that determines the outcome of a tie in a shooting tournament.  It just so happened that my very first shoot off, was for a trophy at the National Championships.  I was to shoot off against one other person, and I am fiercely competitive.  As I type this now, almost twenty years later, I have a pit in my stomach as I think of that shoot off. That night, I made my way trembling up to the line, I said 'Good Luck' to my fellow competitor, much my senior....just as my parents had taught me to do.  She looked right at me, made eye contact, and turned her head.
I was completely rattled by this, on top of my already shot nerves, that it is a miracle I kept my lunch down.  I proceeded to beat her in the shoot off......and I didn't just win, I never missed a target. 
Don't forget your manners, and be a good sport. Competition should be as polite and classy as it is tough.

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