Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ruffles, seersucker, and one shoulder...oh my!

I am a big longtime Lilly lover.  I came across this dress in Florida, and WOW, LOVE! Actually, the true story is my MOM found it....and we both loved.
Because my upper body is petite, I have always loved their strapless dresses. During the process of selecting my wedding dress (also one shouldered), I began to love the one shoulder silhouette.  I realized it is a good cut for a lot of body shapes...

THIS dress....goodness. It combines three of my favorite things....seersucker, ruffles, and one shouldered.

How cute! And available here...perfect for any summer party or wedding! I'd pair it with metallic wedges or flat jack rogers and my signature stacks of bracelets!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beachy vaca....

I just got back from a beachy Florida vacation. Below is one of my favorite outfits from my long weekend.  This hatley t shirt dress is amazing, and very reasonable in price. So comfortable, and so preppy.  (here)

I paired it with some of my old favorites...these fornash red beads and red patent jack rogers....(not blue like below...)

Beachy vaca

Literally, I wore almost this exact outfit .... :)

 I added this navy scarf from jcrew, as the evening outside got cooler. 

I am ready for summer!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seattle-happy hunting!

I'm in Seattle for a few days working on some new products.  I'm reviewing prototypes for fall 2015 and brainstorming for spring 2016. Crazy right? That's how far in advance technical apparel is made. 

Because I'm spending my week building some technical hunting gear, I thought I'd post on a few of my fashion hunt pieces I have come across recently...
Today it's all about camo! I'm a sucker for it. 

Love this c wonder tote! I have it and it's so roomy and perfect for travel. I also wear a lot of black, grey and white solid colors, so it's a great print to carry to add some fun to an outfit!
It went on sale and was an extra 40% off, so it is sold out online.  But they have amazing customer service, and can find it in store. I love the pink and orange stripe detail.

I also came across this on my trip.....and I need it. It's sold out online...but they have it in the store here. Adorable. And their cuts are so flattering...

How cute would this be for travel? With some jeans and cognac boots....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Garden and gun posted some photos from the women in the field event a few weeks back.

Here are a few of my favorites.....(all photos: garden and gun magazine)
Who says you can't break clays in a hot pink polo with a popped collar?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's time...

As you have most likely seen, I am an active girl.  While I love to dress up, wear tons of bangles, and sell shotguns during the week, my Saturday and Sunday days are usually spent fishing, shooting, golfing, hunting, running, and doing about anything outside.

2 years ago I went on a NOLS trip for work, (5 days in the woods backcountry fly fishing deep in the mountains- no cell phone reception, no contact with the world) and before that trip, I got this watch. 

This Luminox watch is amazing! It is so lightweight, basically indestructable, and unbelievably comfortable. I have since bought one for my husband, mom and dad for holidays or birthdays.

Eddie Bauer used to carry them, and sometimes World of Watches has them, but they are so worth the money. Granted I didn't pay full price, mine was on sale (shocking I know since I never pay full price) but still, they are amazing.

I fish in it, golf in it, shoot in it, camp in it and hunt in it.

I also love that it is so hardcore but still feminine.  The color (also comes in black with blue) and fit/scale are made for women, but has all the features of the men's. 
This is a theme I live and build product by, don't water down the women's versions. Make them just as hardcore, just with fit and shape that is made for ladies and colors we want:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm a dress wearer of all types and styles.  A longtime fan of the little black dress, in recent years I have been loving the little white dress for non winter months.

I love this image......I am dreaming of being that tan without the damage it would do to my fair skin...but I also love it because I'm a believer in the fit and flare and a-line cut. It's so flattering so many shapes, and so feminine.

I am eyeing up this one up and it's on sale..and so similar. By Calvin Klein here.

And check out this white dress from my favorite show house of cards? I have the biggest style crush on claire underwood. I am sure this dress is waaaay out of my price range, but WOW is it fabulous! Her dress closet makes me drool!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend recap

Such beautiful weather for a great weekend outdoors! Fished Saturday, shot clays Sunday, and had some fun visits with friends in between....

It was a balmy 35 Saturday morning....good thing I packed my jacket! I actually had an insulating layer on underneath, a prototype jacket that is out this fall. AMAZING. 

Remember my friend Bridget? Yep....she made these too.  A small gift to my husband :) Appropriate after a weekend on the stream.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sporting fever...

I definitely have spring fever....and sporting fever. Trout season opens here tomorrow, the weather has finally gotten nice enough that I can enjoy clay target shooting, and the golf course is open! 
It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Here are my fishing picks for tomorrow...

Note: I've been wear testing this Eddie Bauer jacket for almost a so great! It will still probably be chilly in the morning so I'll wear the eb guide shirt (here) underneath my wading jacket (here)

I don't have this lumbar pack yet, but it has my name on

My favorite glasses? these....I run in them, fish in them, just about anything active. 

Here is a snapshot from last year's opening day! 

I am fortunate enough to have a pair of waders custom made for me, an AMAZING wedding gift from an old coworker who spent his career building waders.  

Happy Sporting! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What I wore....

What I wore....

What I wore selling guns this week....well almost.  I don't own this cobalt blue purse....yet. But it's on my major lust list.  As is the rope bracelet! I saw it at a boutique in Charleston and stopped in my tracks.  I love to keep an eye out for unique pieces of jewelry when I travel, and am a total bracelet junkie.  I even took a picture of it on my wrist, thinking someday I will call them to order it (smart right?)...and who knew, this tiny boutique has a website? amazing.  Super fun jewelry across all price ranges...check it out! Handpicked

Not the best pics, but then I can remember how fabulous it was on! :)
Happy Thursday! Next up....opening day of fishing is top fishing picks!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekend pickup

My friend Bridget makes and designs her own stationary. It is gorgeous and I have used her for years. She has a great stockpile of designs and will also do anything custom.

I have a new idea for my next wave of stationary (stay tuned...but I am so excited for it), but I picked up this notepad from her this weekend. LOVE.

It was screaming my name. And it's going to be a favorite gift for me to give this year. 

I have such talented friends.... 

Her website is

Monday, April 7, 2014

Garden party....

A few snapshots of the dinner last week in Charleston.  A great evening with amazing food, great hostess, and an fabulous group of women who all love to shoot and hunt...that I now consider friends. 

Amazing front door...

So nice to see things in bloom....

Antlers on the table...totally doing this. Our hostess shares with me a love of blue and white decor....

Garden party...fabulous table setting and delicious dinner

I fell in love with the double decker porches of the "charleston single" homes...
*all photos taken by Rosemary Dinkins

Stay tuned for more details...CBS was at the event last week doing a piece on women and shooting.....I was on a squad with the cbs crew and Garden & Gun CEO.....amazing day. Hopefully I didn't miss too many clays on camera! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hostess with the mostest

For my dinner on Wednesday, I needed a quick gift. I was looking on king street for my go to fresh flowers or wine, but I was pressed for time after I landed.

I came across this, and decided it was perfect. The event was a ladies shooting event, and was hosted by Garden & Gun......

A camo makeup bag sounds like something fun and very 'me' to leave with our hostess.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wednesday night recap...dinner

My trip is going so well! When I arrived Wednesday I scoped out the town of Charleston and enjoyed the sunshine.  I had packed some dresses for my dinner that night, but actually found  this dress at a cute little family owned boutique for a STEAL :) 
 Amazing that as a red head I didn't have a solid emerald green dress right? 

I snapped this pic (not the best) to send to my husband for approval.....

I paired it with my wedges (LOVE! WANT in every color because they are so comf!)

The dinner was AMAZING and outside at the garden of our hostess's home! The hostess AMAZING and a gorgeous home...more to come....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Travel day

Thought I was kidding about obsessing over outfits right? 
No:) actually it helped me pack to plan all week. I'm literally wearing my exact travel outfit from earlier this week.

Leggings and t shirt dress and flats. Perfect travel outfit. I feel like in wearing pajamas. Seriously.

And in super pleased with my bag strategy. Hailing a laptop I can't get down to one. But if I have to have two...these are my picks:)

And This beauty is ready for first trip! 

Although I confess I packed two dresses for tonight-will be a game time decision...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

packing part two....Thursday's shoot!

What to pack...what to wear.  A Ladies shoot on Bray's Island with CBS morning show...sounds like.....girly yet serious.  Stylish yet ready to crush some clays. 

When shooting (or participating in any activity) at a VERY nice resort.....I leave my jeans at home.  (A lot of historic and nice places jeans are a no no....better safe than sorry)
I will pack my J.Crew Cafe Capri in tan (arguably the best pant EVER made. I will not divulge how many colors I own these in....) here

Café capri

Polo shirt.....yes. I love Vineyard Vines polos, but my absolute favorite are J.Crew factory's pique polos.  They are nice and long! And a great feminine cut...and are a steal! (here)
I am taking white and hot pink. Game time decision...but im thinking pink :)
Factory piqué polo

Pair it with a light fleece. I love this one from Eddie Bauer Sport Shop...bias alert...i worked on this product. But...even so, it is AMAZING. I literally wear it ALL the time. (here)

My go to shoe...maybe its the preppiness of the South.  But I am a big boat shoe believer.  So comf I can walk forever...which may be necessary.

Throw in my lucky pearl earrings...and i am set :) (seen below and in just about every picture of me, ever)

Next up...tomorrow night's dinner. AH! I am calling it now, I will be taking 3 outfits. 
The one thing I decided? Inaugural wearing of my DVF wedges.....AP got them for me as an early bday present :)