Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Field to Casual...

Some of my most favorite jackets and vests in my closet are ones that I can wear in the field and also casually.
Below is a picture from Garden and Gun from a few years ago.  This is my favorite vest from Eddie Bauer sport shop....favorite favorite favorite!
I love it because I have hunted and shot in it, and I also wear it day to day.  I feel like I get two for the price of one this way!

photo: Garden & Gun

This is how I wear this same vest casually to work in the fall... (vest here)
(Totally lusting for these boots here and the camo enamel bracelet here)

I also love it, because it doesn't scream hunting....perfect for travel to/from a destination (without weird airport stares), then also to put to use when there!


  1. Great pictures, I absolutely love all those picks, especially the vest!


  2. Although I'm not ready to talk fall clothes yet (I hate to wish my summer away)... vests are a great fall addition to a wardrobe, they are so versatile!

  3. Love that vest on you!!