Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekly wants.....

Here are some of my favorite pics of the week.  In true Rebecca format, all are on sale :)

This Jcrew jean jacket, I love the wash!! How cute would they be with my white c.wonder dress from last weekend? I love to pair bright colored shoes and accessories with solid staple dresses.

And how cute and fun are these?! With some white crop jeans and chambray top....

Oh, and this....yes, you've seen it before....what wouldn't this be great with for an everyday tote?

and this vineyard vines clutch...i saw in Florida, and have been stalking! i am a total sucker for seersucker and ruffles...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sporting weekend - Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of my most favorite weekends, and this year did not disappoint.  I shot and golfed a ton! As I mentioned, my friend Bridget and I participated in a "sportsman's cup" which is a combined shooting and golf event.  We were the only girls! and finished ahead of average! (and obviously won the best dressed award :)

Here are a few of my favorite sporting/golf outfit shots!

 Remember that C.Wonder white dress? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wore it on Sunday night...i now lust for it in every color. And so much fun to pair with colored accessories! 

Who doesn't love days when you shoot/golf, AND wear heels?! Those are my favorite days! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

summmmmmmer starts!

I'll be a busy girl this, shooting, bbq-ing, and hopefully some corn hole in our yard. An all American weekend!

A few of my favorite patriotic and summery pics for the first weekend of summer!

So these shoes......stopped me dead in my tracks. Wow Kate spade....amazing. I can't spend 258 dollars on watermelon shoes, but wow are they darling! SO SO CUTE! I will dream of these.....

Rocking my all American gear a day early in the office.....I got this from prep obsessed a few months ago and have been holding out to break it out!

First "official" weekend of white clothes! I will be out in full force! I plan to wear this C.Wonder number on Sunday night with some jack rogers...

And how cute is this? I am a sucker for polka dots......

And this...for 27 dollars? Complete steal! 

Happy Memorial Day - remember what Memorial Day means.....and be thankful and honor  those who serve!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


On Wednesdays we wear pink, and blue, and flamingos too!

I ordered these shoes from cwonder that I already posted about. I am in love. So comfy and so fun! This is what I wore yesterday....they're actually remarkably easy to wear...

I wore with a chambray shirt, white jeans, pink initial bangle, and a brown woven belt. 

Here are a few other pink and blue pics!

You know my love of mz Wallace....this bag is on sale at nordstrom for their sale going on right now. Great great color. I am loving bright blue as a bag color....bright colored accessories are one of my favorites to wear with white or black. 
It is nylon, which a lot of people don't love in bags...but if you travel, it is amazing. Easy to clean, and don't worry about it getting damaged in weather....

This dress...I have it in white. It is fabulous. The cut is so flattering and its so simple and easy.  If I had any hair color other than red, I would own it in this bright pink! 

And this white trimmed dress, so cute!!!! I have been stalking this. How cute with some pink or red jack rogers...

Can you tell I love ponte? I have also been stalking this...

I have also been eyeing up some blue sunglasses. I saw a pair at the kate spade outlet that were amazing....not exactly like either of below, but similar. Almost a wayfarer. I need sunglasses like I need a hole in the head, but they are one of my most favorite accessories!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sporting weekend in skirts...

Next weekend my friend Bridget and I are participating in an event together called the Sportsman's Cup.  It is a combination golf and clay target shooting. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure there will not be that many female teams:)

I have always been a target shooter, but golf...I have a love/hate relationship with.  Love because I do find myself enjoying it.  Hate because I have to work so hard at it.  Either way, looking forward to a fun day, hopefully beating our husbands!

Anyway, I saw this dress, and decided that I had to do a post on it. I love it....

I am a golf skirt wearer (shocking since I am such a dress/skirt wearer I know :)....and
I extra love this....because it is a dress, and is on super sale on Ruelala and I have a credit.  And I have visions of wearing this to golf, then shoot...and breaking clays in a ruffled dress!

This striped version is also really cute from 6pm

...and this skirt's not my size, but may have to do a little google stalking to see if I can find it! 

We will be best dressed for sure! Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On Wednesdays we wear pink....

I love the movie Mean Girls....there are some sayings from that movie that are so funny, that I regularly use...a classic is "on wednesdays we wear pink".

Here are a few of my favorite pink picks!

I love this top. Literally I have it on today with ankle length jeans and wedges.  

Recognize these? I ordered them after my last post, so cute for summer! 

 This pink and white stripe is classic, and very reasonable. 

And hello scallops!!! Throw on some scallop edges and hem and I am sold. 

This is adorable...I saw it this weekend. A great fitting oxford is so cute and versatile. Love the detail on the cuff, inside neck, and placket. 

I got these on clearance last year at Jcrew, and I wear them easy way to brighten up an outfit!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not my toughest work assignment...

This weekend, Adam and I are heading to ny/ct for a work trip. I am attending a sporting clay charity shoot that benefits the national forest foundation. Sounds fun right?
The night before, there is a cocktail reception at the Greenwich country club. Talk about a traditional venue!

Packing list.....

 Friday night cocktails.....It won't be that a lot of summery dresses are out:/ sigh.....

As usual, I'll probably pack 2 - 3 outfits and make a game time decision. As type A as I am, I need to allow for last minuet flexibility.....Here is what I'm two that will make the trip.....which do you prefer?

Option 1. J.Crew navy dress, nude patent or gold Lilly wedges, and anchor clutch

Option 2. LBD (similar to the one pictured below), Wedges or heels, and my Vince Camuto black and gold clutch (similar to pictured below....though mine is from TJ Maxx on super clearance last year :)

Saturday shooting...

LP pullover

Cafe capri - best pants ever!

My go to casual shoe...sperrys!

My favorite "Active" sunglasses.  I am a sunglasses junkie, but these are the best for anything outdoor/active.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last weekend...

I have been sporting this camo trend you may have noticed by now.
I had seen this jcrew jacket in their style guide, but refused to pay such a price for something that I was not sure I would wear a ton or for very long.

I stumbled on this version at old navy, while shopping for a camo t shirt for my cousin's little boy.  Their version was around 30, way more in my price range, and I actually preferred the washed out colors.

Turns out when you attend that same 4 year olds birthday party that turns out to be safari/lion king have the perfect outfit!

I wasn't fortunate enough to get to sport these animal print shades :)

What I'm currently wearing today.... same camo jacket, orange shoes and bag, throw in some pearls, and this outfit is right up my alley! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Not any news flash here, but seriously....C.Wonder, you are amazing.

Maybe because you're so preppy? And I love preppy. Maybe because you'll monogram anything? And I'll take a monogram on anything.

Maybe because you are Tory Burch's ex husband and I secretly love that drama/rivalry? and I think her product is way overpriced for its quality. (I have had 3 handbags of hers that fell apart within a month, ugh...and as someone who has worked in apparel merchandising and product management for 12 years, my biggest pet peeve is overcharging for what you are selling.  If you are going to be expensive, your quality needs to be on par. Can you tell how much this bugs me? :) 

Everything I have bought from C. Wonder is great quality and not unreasonable in price.
Check out my latest c.wonder lusts!

These!!!! Adorable! Also have zebras and giraffes.
I love the flamingos for summer! I am having a serious shoe crush! 

How cute would these be with a navy top and white jeans? Or with Jeans and this white tunic shirt ?

And these goodies are on sale! an extra 50% off!!!

and both have my initial left! It's a sign :)