Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's time...

As you have most likely seen, I am an active girl.  While I love to dress up, wear tons of bangles, and sell shotguns during the week, my Saturday and Sunday days are usually spent fishing, shooting, golfing, hunting, running, and doing about anything outside.

2 years ago I went on a NOLS trip for work, (5 days in the woods backcountry fly fishing deep in the mountains- no cell phone reception, no contact with the world) and before that trip, I got this watch. 

This Luminox watch is amazing! It is so lightweight, basically indestructable, and unbelievably comfortable. I have since bought one for my husband, mom and dad for holidays or birthdays.

Eddie Bauer used to carry them, and sometimes World of Watches has them, but they are so worth the money. Granted I didn't pay full price, mine was on sale (shocking I know since I never pay full price) but still, they are amazing.

I fish in it, golf in it, shoot in it, camp in it and hunt in it.

I also love that it is so hardcore but still feminine.  The color (also comes in black with blue) and fit/scale are made for women, but has all the features of the men's. 
This is a theme I live and build product by, don't water down the women's versions. Make them just as hardcore, just with fit and shape that is made for ladies and colors we want:)

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