Thursday, April 10, 2014

What I wore....

What I wore....

What I wore selling guns this week....well almost.  I don't own this cobalt blue purse....yet. But it's on my major lust list.  As is the rope bracelet! I saw it at a boutique in Charleston and stopped in my tracks.  I love to keep an eye out for unique pieces of jewelry when I travel, and am a total bracelet junkie.  I even took a picture of it on my wrist, thinking someday I will call them to order it (smart right?)...and who knew, this tiny boutique has a website? amazing.  Super fun jewelry across all price ranges...check it out! Handpicked

Not the best pics, but then I can remember how fabulous it was on! :)
Happy Thursday! Next up....opening day of fishing is top fishing picks!

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