Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seattle-happy hunting!

I'm in Seattle for a few days working on some new products.  I'm reviewing prototypes for fall 2015 and brainstorming for spring 2016. Crazy right? That's how far in advance technical apparel is made. 

Because I'm spending my week building some technical hunting gear, I thought I'd post on a few of my fashion hunt pieces I have come across recently...
Today it's all about camo! I'm a sucker for it. 

Love this c wonder tote! I have it and it's so roomy and perfect for travel. I also wear a lot of black, grey and white solid colors, so it's a great print to carry to add some fun to an outfit!
It went on sale and was an extra 40% off, so it is sold out online.  But they have amazing customer service, and can find it in store. I love the pink and orange stripe detail.

I also came across this on my trip.....and I need it. It's sold out online...but they have it in the store here. Adorable. And their cuts are so flattering...

How cute would this be for travel? With some jeans and cognac boots....

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  1. I'm not usually a big fan of camo but I am loving that tote!