Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last weekend...

I have been sporting this camo trend happily...as you may have noticed by now.
I had seen this jcrew jacket in their style guide, but refused to pay such a price for something that I was not sure I would wear a ton or for very long.

I stumbled on this version at old navy, while shopping for a camo t shirt for my cousin's little boy.  Their version was around 30, way more in my price range, and I actually preferred the washed out colors.

Turns out when you attend that same 4 year olds birthday party that turns out to be safari/lion king themed....you have the perfect outfit!

I wasn't fortunate enough to get to sport these animal print shades :)

What I'm currently wearing today.... same camo jacket, orange shoes and bag, throw in some pearls, and this outfit is right up my alley! 

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