Thursday, May 1, 2014


Not any news flash here, but seriously....C.Wonder, you are amazing.

Maybe because you're so preppy? And I love preppy. Maybe because you'll monogram anything? And I'll take a monogram on anything.

Maybe because you are Tory Burch's ex husband and I secretly love that drama/rivalry? and I think her product is way overpriced for its quality. (I have had 3 handbags of hers that fell apart within a month, ugh...and as someone who has worked in apparel merchandising and product management for 12 years, my biggest pet peeve is overcharging for what you are selling.  If you are going to be expensive, your quality needs to be on par. Can you tell how much this bugs me? :) 

Everything I have bought from C. Wonder is great quality and not unreasonable in price.
Check out my latest c.wonder lusts!

These!!!! Adorable! Also have zebras and giraffes.
I love the flamingos for summer! I am having a serious shoe crush! 

How cute would these be with a navy top and white jeans? Or with Jeans and this white tunic shirt ?

And these goodies are on sale! an extra 50% off!!!

and both have my initial left! It's a sign :)


  1. C Wonder can seriously do no wrong. I wish there was a store closer to me, I'm constantly ordering stuff online but their stores are so fun!

  2. C. Wonder is definitely wonderful, I love all of their things!