Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fall Shipments

Getting soooo many fall goodies into our store the last week! AH! Even though it has been in the '80s this week, it is fun to see fun new fall clothing arriving. I know, it is not even labor day, BUT I work in apparel, on the retail side and in merchandising/product development, SO you have to be thinking seasons ahead!

Here are a few ladies favorites we are carrying...that I want in my closet!

You know I love this vest, but HOW CUTE is this scarf with it?!

and quilted jacket with wool overlays....
Okay, and this bag....LOVE.  Dark green wool with brown leather trim. What a great travel bag this would be? Or a great bag to carry at a fall festival. I ordered it for the shop but I think it's my #1 (though not sure how I can get another bag into my house?)

And this staple, classic Barbour plaid vest liner....over a fisherman cable. An amazing fall outfit with skinny jeans and riding boots!

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  1. I'm loving that first look! That scarf is so beautiful, I love the colors in it!