Saturday, October 5, 2013 one of a million

I love pearls, always have and always will. I love the versatility...I wear pearl posts almost everyday, including when I am doing outdoorsy things, like fishing and hunting. (don't believe me? see below for evidence:)

Since I have always loved them, I have a collection...some fake, some real. I love them all.

I saw this necklace ages ago on Moon and Lola.  Pearls AND monograms combined?! two of my favorite things.....
I'd wear this with jeans and a LBD.


little bird hunting in my pearl studs
NOLS week long back country fishing trip


  1. I love pearls! You can wear them anytime, any place!


  2. LOVE IT! I wear pearl posts with everything, too. Doesn't matter what - shopping, hiking in the mountains, riding....