Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birds of a feather

A few weeks late posting, but I am totally gaga for the new Pottery Barn dishware. My husband and I are both bird hunters, and a lot of our house is rustic, so when I saw these in the PB catalog, I knew they were going to top my Christmas list for this year. 

This set of 4 plates

combined with the larger feather plate

and voila....this looks like it was made for my home. 

I also am getting the platter...because you know someday down the road, when this is not available anymore, I will wish I had it....

I am sure these are holiday / seasonal PB, but these are sure to be year round in the Peters house! 

Pheasant Platter

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  1. How beautiful, I think they would be perfect dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.