Thursday, October 9, 2014

Whats about boots

This is a combo boot post/what I have been wearing lately.  Fall is in the air, and I am noticing a lot more gray and black popping back into my routines.

I am a boot girl, and mostly a riding boot girl, (though I haven't met a boot I don't like), and my best friend asked my opinion on how to wear ankle boots.  Here are a couple of my favorite ways to wear ankle booties....for normal day to day use/normal people wear :)

1.  With leggings/dress....for me this is ALL dependent on the length of your hem and the height of the boot.  There needs to be enough leg showing so that you're legs don't look stumpy. (says the girl with the most athletic legs...hard to do. ) You can also wear boots that dip down in the center, that helps elongate the legs. 

I included a second shot below  because I found these Rag and Bone booties at TJ Maxx and I have been stewing over whether I should keep them or not. Rag and Bone. At TJ heard that right. I haven't worn yet because I am still debating

Same idea....

***can we talk about how much I love this dress? It is mudpie...and has faux leather accents.  Seriously, love it. Even adam approved.
These are solid black suede booties. 

2.  With Jeans.  I prefer tight cropped/ankle length jeans.  I typically roll mine...small rolls or big single fold.  If they are tight enough down the ankle and your boot opening is big enough, I sometimes wear jeans inside.  But not if it looks awkward (ie, if your jeans are really long and you feel like you have too much material to deal with, or if they aren't fitted enough around the ankle). I also tend to wear boots with a bigger opening if I'm tucking mine in. 

Some brown lucky boots...

Lastly I had to throw in this bracelet Adam got me. Hello love! It has a huge toggle on the other side too. LOVE. Best.Husband.Ever.


  1. Love the black suede booties!

  2. I saw a commercial for TJ Maxx the other day and I realized that I never go there to look for shoes, but apparently I'm missing out because those Rag & Bone boots are fantastic!