Thursday, March 20, 2014

Learning to love my big feet

I have big feet.  My college roommate told me once "you're feet are HUGE for such a little body". I am not sure about the "little body" now vs college, but either way, proportionally, my feet are LARGE.

In the last two years I have learned to love this.  All it took? Realizing that my ginormous feet are not a popular size, which means amazing shoe finds.  When i was younger, and ever so briefly wore a size 7 or 8, shoes were always gone in my size. 
Now that I am a 10, I am happy to find my size usually available and on clearance. 

The universe works in strange ways :)

Here are a few favorites....

 DVF on clearance at bloomingdales....
These puppies I have wanted for over a year....seriously.  LOVE.  On sale now at neiman marcus....I am trying to convince my husband they are an amazing early birthday gift :)

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  1. I love those gold wedges! Tell your husband how versatile they could wear them with everything! Have a great weekend girly!