Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wed wants...

3-6 inches of snow in the forecast, again, has me dreaming of spring.

I have stalked these dvf wedges for over a year.  This morning I saw them on (owned by zappos, it's their sale site...check it out).

They have one pair in my size! ( which is ginormous) and with a coupon code, they are 80 vs their original selling price of 300!

It took me a long time to love nude shoes....but I do now. And I extra love these because they're a nude with a modern twist. They're asking to join my closet:)


  1. I wish snow would come visit me! Where I live it has been freezing all winter long but no snow to speak of. I am with you though - so ready for spring!


  2. I LOVE these! Such a classic that you'll wear forever. I also use to be afraid of nudes (I'm really pale), but they're actually so great if you can find the right shade of nude for your skin tone! These will be perfect in the spring and summer!

  3. I love these. Great choice.