Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coastal Cateyes

I have terrible vision - like terrible.  Like -7 prescription in each eye,  have to pick up my phone in the morning, put it 2 inches from my nose to see what time it is, terrible.  Throw in some dry eye problems and I have to wear my glasses a lot.

With doctor's orders of less contact time, I decided I wanted some fun glasses, specifically some that were a little cateye - esque.  So, last year I discovered coastal.com. I ordered glasses without trying them on (eek) and was thrilled with them.
So thrilled that I actually wear these more than my other usual glasses, and actually have contemplated ordering them in black ;) My mom and aunt have both ordered and both turned out to be great.

Great selection, and great prices! check it out...


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  1. While I'm fortunate enough to have perfect vision, I've always been somewhat jealous of people who get to wear glasses because I see them as an accessory for a lot of outfits. I actually used to try and fail my eyesight test so I could get glasses :) Yours look great!!
    Bespeckled With Freckles